Foods To Avoid When You Have Several Fillings

What to Avoid Patients often come into our office to have a filling that has loosened or fallen out replaced. When we ask about the incident, we frequently hear the same response. They will tell us that they were munching on something crunchy or sticky and the filling lost its grip or came out. If you want to avoid this problem, you have to stay away from certain foods, or the same will happen to you. Examples Of Forbidden Foods If you want to keep your fillings in place, you need to remember some basic rules. Don’t chew on ice, as it is meant to keep things cool, not for crunching, especially if you have a few fillings in your mouth. Hard candy, if you must eat it, should dissolve in your mouth, not be chewed However, if the candy is not sugarless, it can still do some damage, as the sugar can form cavities, and still lead to a loosened filling. Chips And Popcorn Most foods that you see in a vending machine are not good for your dental health. Two top foods in this category are chips and popcorn. Plus, the hulls in popcorn can scratch the gums and make brushing difficult. If you want to keep your fillings where they belong, steer clear of the vending machine and any foods that are processed and hard and crunchy. Also, say “no” to caramel, which can easily loosen or pull out a filling. If you have not done so lately, give us a call to have your teeth examined or email us for a consultation. One place you never want to stay away from is our office. Visit us every six months to maintain and preserve your smile. We are always just a phone call or email away. Take time now to schedule a dental appointment.

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