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Family Dentistry in Twin Falls, ID

Quality Care for the Entire Family

At Summit Dental Care, we pride ourselves on treating every member of the family. Family dentistry is focused on preventing potential complications, rather than treating them. If you and your family are in need of professional dental services, we can help!

General Dentistry & Oral Hygiene

For patients young and old, Summit Dental Care features general dentistry to help maintain healthy teeth and gums to improve the quality of your smile. We provide family-friendly, comprehensive services in a welcoming environment, ensuring the best possible care. Our services include professional cleanings, dental exams, and oral cancer screenings.

Pediatric Dentistry

We provide pediatric dentistry to establish a strong foundation for your child’s oral health, one that will ensure a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth. The care we provide for your child is to ensure their mouth develops correctly, prevent possible dental issues, and help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Our practice offers dental sealants to protect teeth from decay and establish a strong foundation that’ll follow them into adulthood. This preventative treatment seals out any harmful bacteria and safeguards your child’s oral health and beautiful smile.

Periodontal Care & Maintenance

At Summit Dental Care, we can provide you with the periodontal care that you need to prevent and treat gum disease so that you can maintain a healthy mouth. If we notice signs of advanced periodontal disease, we may recommend a scaling and root planing procedure. The goal is to return your gums to a pink, healthy state.

Periodontal maintenance is a basic procedure that is recommended by our professionals to any customer that has periodontal disease or has had it in the past. It can be performed up to four times a year, depending on the patient’s overall oral health. The procedure does not have any risks and is done by our dentists for cosmetic and health purposes.

Laser Dentistry

From filling cavities to treating gum disease to performing surgical procedures, laser dentistry has allowed us to provide you with the high-quality care that you deserve. In dentistry, this tool is used to remove, alter, or otherwise treat soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Thanks to the use of dental lasers, we can perform procedures with incredible accuracy.

TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly called TMJ or TMD, may develop as a result of a jaw injury, jaw dislocation, inflammation from arthritis, or excessive pressure from bruxism. Fortunately, Summit Dental Care offers several treatments for TMJ, such as a nighttime mouthguard, Botox, physical therapy, and more to relieve your pain.

Mouthguards and Night Guards

Our Twin Falls practice features mouthguards and night guards for patients involved in contact sports or active hobbies, and teeth grinding (bruxism). These custom-made oral appliances are used to protect your teeth and mouth from further damage or harm.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can impact your mental and physical health, and lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Treatment for sleep apnea can help you get a better night’s rest and improve your quality of life. We offer customized oral appliances as a more comfortable, effective alternative to CPAP machines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when taking dental x-rays?
When should a child have their first dental visit?
What happens during a dental cleaning?
Why are my teeth sensitive?
What should I expect when taking dental x-rays?

Getting traditional dental x-rays can take several minutes. A thick paper tab is placed into your mouth, which you’ll be asked to bite down on. Most patients find that dental x-rays are completely painless and don’t inflict any level of discomfort. 

In some cases, dentists use intraoral x-rays, as well as extra-oral x-rays that snap images of the face, jaw and skull. Extra-oral x-rays are typically used to identify impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth.

When should a child have their first dental visit?

Children should have their first dental visit to Summit Dental Care at about two to three years old. Around this age, children’s primary (baby) teeth become erupted, or when teeth are developed and become visible along the gumline. At their first visit, our staff will explain the importance of dental care and demonstrate proper oral hygiene habits to follow at home.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

During a dental cleaning, our Twin Falls team will provide you with quality, specialized care that you can’t get at home. We’ll begin by taking digital x-rays and scans of your teeth to track changes in the future. Our hygienists will remove any plaque and tartar build-up, and check for signs of decay or gum disease.

Then, we’ll give your teeth a thorough cleaning and polishing for a fresh, healthy smile. This is a good time to ask your dentist any questions or concerns you may have regarding your oral health, at-home care, and our dental services.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Sensitive teeth often come from the fact that your gums have slightly receded. This recession of the gum line allows the underlying dentin to show through which allows water and food easier access to the sensitive nerve. To manage this, there are a number of toothpastes, gels and even some dental procedures that can be applied. Speak to us in more detail if you have very sensitive teeth.