Best Low Acid Drinks To Consume For A Healthier Mouth

Having great healthy teeth is one of the biggest assets anyone can have. That’s because having nice healthy teeth is not only very comfortable, but it also gives you that degree of self-confidence when you smile at someone or move closer to speak to them. Today, most beverages have some acidity in them to give them that extra flavor. However, high acidity is not great for our teeth. That’s because the acidity works on the enamel and slowly erodes the outer shell which places you at greater risk of getting cavities, gum infections and sensitivity. Since completely avoiding acidic drinks is not entirely possible, you can settle for those that will do your mouth some good rather than bad. Coffee Coffee is one of America’s favorite drinks. That’s because of its ability to help you focus and stimulate your brain. Coffee has a pH level of about 5 which makes it slightly acidic. Some studies indicate that drinking your coffee without having additives such as sweeteners can help you avoid cavities. As such, if you need to enjoy your coffee, do it without the sweeteners, and crème. However, it is important to note that drinking coffee will stain your teeth if you are not careful. Fruit Juice Drinking some fruit juice is great for your body. Most fruits that make juice such as oranges and cranberry are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that give your body a huge boost. However, when highly concentrated, orange juice tends to have a pH of about 3.5. Cranberry juice on the other hand is about 2.6, which is rather acidic. While these quantities might be dangerous for teeth, you could opt to dilute them with water to drink the acidic levels back up, while still getting some of the vitamins and nutrients you need. Tea Tea is another great beverage for you to consume. Not only is it quite refreshing, but it also has additional benefits to our bodies. When brewed, tea often has a pH of about 5.5 which places you out of the danger zone in terms of tooth destruction. However, when you place additives to it and make it iced tea, things change. The pH falls to about 3.0 which is not great for your dental health. With these drinks, you can get refreshed and not have to worry about damaging your teeth. This way, you get to keep your great smile and quenching your thirst. If you need dental care or dental implants contact Summit Dental Care today!

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