What Seasonal Allergies Can Do To Your Oral Health

Seasonal Allergies Affect Many People Seasonal allergies affect many people – especially in the springtime when pollen is flying through the air. This causes the usual irritated eyes, sneezing, and irritated nose, but what effects do can seasonal allergies have on your oral health? Today we will be talking about the surprising link between the two. Inflammation Your body’s reaction to your allergies is to produce more white blood cells. This causes inflammation which in turn results in the lips and tongue becoming swollen. Sinus Infection There is a surprising connection between sinus infections and how it affects your mouth. Mucus can build up to levels of pressure that can cause your gums to feel it, which then gets transferred to your teeth. This results in a toothache that has nothing to do with cavities or tooth decay. Another side effect of having a sinus infection is bad breath caused by the mucus’ bad odor. Dry Mouth Caused By Allergy Medication If you have a stuffy nose, you are breathing through your mouth the majority of the time. This is the perfect recipe for a dry mouth. Having a dry mouth allows harmful bacteria to both stick and spread significantly easier. Saliva production in our mouths acts as a natural self-cleanser to get rid of bacteria throughout the day. Try to keep nasal spray and water close by during these times! Another thing that can cause dry mouth is allergy medication – specifically – antihistamine medication. Allergy medication is notorious for causing a whole host of symptoms, including vomiting in some instances, which is horrible for your teeth as stomach acid tears through the enamel with relative ease. Have Any Questions? If you would like to know how your oral health is doing, you can call our number with the number provided and schedule an appointment with us. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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