Tooth Pain Can Stem From Sinus Problems

More Than Just Pain

A sinus infection or inflammation can result in a toothache, especially around the upper rear teeth that are adjacent to the sinuses. Pain within the upper region is a relatively common symptom of an underlying sinus problem.

If you are experiencing persistent toothaches, then make it a point of reaching out to us as soon as possible. After a careful dental examination, we will consider the potential dental problems that may be causing the toothache, including tooth grinding, dental abscess and periodontal diseases.

If after a careful examination, we rule out dental causes for your toothache, then we will be able to advise you accordingly.

  • Sinus Anatomy
    Sinuses are four air-filled pairs of spaces found within the facial bones adjacent to your head, nose and cheekbones. They moisten, warm and even filter the air within your nasal cavity. The pressure and congestion, which accompany infection of the sinuses can lead to discomfort and pain within your upper teeth.
  • Sinuses And Toothache
    Many symptoms of regular toothaches are much similar to sinus toothache. Nonetheless, unlike regular toothache which may be felt on any tooth in your mouth, sinus toothache will only be felt within the upper molars.

Furthermore, sinuses are also coupled with several other symptoms including; thick or discolored mucus, bad-tasting nasal drip, sore throat, aural fullness, halitosis, pressure and tenderness around your eyes, ears and nose.

A toothache caused by an underlying dental issue will be the only source of pain. It also tends to be more focussed and intense. On the other hand, pain resulting from sinus toothache will increase with different types of movements. Bending or jumping up tends to make the pain much worse because the pressure will shift as you move. The pain will always subside when you lie down or sit.

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