Tooth loss isn’t exactly something people like to think about. Unfortunately, many people deal with this issue at some point, and tooth replacement becomes a necessity. At Summit Dental Care, we offer several types of solutions for replacing missing teeth, including complete and partial dentures.

Complete And Partial Dentures

There is much fear surrounding the use of dentures to replace missing teeth. When most people think of this solution, they tend to think of obviously fake teeth that easily slip out of place or fall out while you are eating or speaking. Today, however, dentures are much more natural and much more reliable than they used to be. They are still removable prosthetic teeth, but the teeth and base are designed to blend in much more effectively with your smile. Complete dentures replace an entire arch, or both arches, of teeth. Partials replace a section of teeth.

A Cost-Effective Solution For Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentures, both partial and complete, remain one of the most affordable solutions available for replacing larger sections, or a full arch, of missing teeth. While Dental Implants do provide an alternative option, they can be expensive. This is especially true when you are replacing a full arch of teeth, or you need to have a bone graft before implant surgery. Dentures are a much simpler, much more cost-effective solution.

Improve The Functions Of Your Mouth

No matter how many teeth you are missing, all of the functions of your mouth are affected. The more teeth you are missing, the greater the impact. Functions such as biting, chewing, and speaking all become significant challenges. Dentures help to restore the normal functions of your mouth. It may feel awkward to eat or speak with your new dentures at first. With a little bit of practice, however, you will soon find that you can enjoy a majority of your favorite foods and speak normally once again.

Improve Your Appearance

Modern dentures look a lot more realistic than older types. The base is made to match the color of your actual gum tissue. It is also textured so that it looks more natural. The teeth are made from acrylic resin or from porcelain, materials that look like real teeth. They are also designed so that they do not look too perfect, smiling at you much like the one you used to have.

In addition to improving your smile, your dentures help to fill out your face. Your lips and cheeks regain their support, so you no longer have to worry about the sunken appearance tooth loss has caused. With your face filled out, your dentures can help to knock a few years off of your facial appearance.

Regain Your Confidence

No matter how many teeth you lose, your confidence can suffer. Even if you do not think you are doing much to hide your mouth from others, a loss of confidence can show. Others will start to take notice. With partial or complete dentures, your smile is restored, and you regain normal functionality. Because of this, you can regain your confidence and let people see the real you. You can even speed up the process with our same day dentures.

If you have lost several teeth, or you are missing all of your teeth, dentures may be just the solution you’ve been searching for. Call Summit Dental Care at (208) 733-9999 today for more information.