Reasons Teeth Begin To Shift Around

Everyone Wants Straight Teeth Having straight teeth can be a real confidence booster and make you feel better while interacting with others. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t have naturally straight teeth. Most people are born with teeth that are uneven. In some cases, this can cause a lot of dental problems. There are many dental problems related to having uneven teeth. However, one of the most common dental problems related to uneven teeth is an uneven bite. When you eat food with uneven teeth, you could be putting too much pressure on some of your teeth. Our teeth need to have evenly distributed pressure when we eat. Otherwise, your teeth could be damaged. How Teeth Shift Around In Your Mouth Growing up, it’s normal to have uneven teeth. Most people correct this with a set of braces. Though braces correct uneven teeth, your teeth can shift around afterwards. After people get braces, we often recommend for them to wear a retainer. Wearing a retainer at night “trains” your teeth to stay in place. If you don’t wear a retainer, your teeth will slowly move back to their original position. Another reason teeth shifting occurs is when wisdom teeth come in. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can move your other teeth around. That’s why we recommend most of our patients to get their wisdom teeth removed. It’s very rare for someone to not need their wisdom teeth removed. Besides the previous two reasons, teeth shifting in teenagers is common. Teenager’s teeth have the potential to shift when going through puberty. This is why we normally recommend braces after a teenager has gone through puberty. If you have uneven teeth, you shouldn’t worry. It’s natural. However, if you’re looking into creating a more even smile, we’ve got your back. Please call our office, and we’ll see if we can help you create a perfect smile.

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