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What is Laser Dentistry When you think of lasers, one of the last things that probably comes to mind is dentistry. Lasers can do a lot of really incredible things. Today, they are even being utilized in medical and dental fields. In dentistry, the introduction of lasers has greatly enhanced the care Summit Dental Care can provide. From filling cavities to treating gum disease to performing surgical procedures, laser dentistry has allowed us to provide you with the high-quality care that you deserve. Using Lasers In Dentistry? Lasers have been used in the medical field for several decades now. They have been used in dentistry for around 30 years. A laser is a tool that uses a thin, extremely focused beam of light. In dentistry, this tool is used to remove, alter, or otherwise treat soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Thanks to the use of dental lasers, we can perform procedures with incredible accuracy. Types Of Dental Lasers Lasers work on different wavelengths. These different wavelengths enable us to perform numerous types of dental procedures on soft and hard tissues. There are a few different types of lasers that work on different wavelengths. Diode Lasers Diode lasers target pigments in soft tissue. They can also target bacteria and inflamed or infected tissue. Carbon dioxide lasers interact with water molecules found in soft tissue. They can also vaporize bacteria. There are also erbium lasers, which interact with water found in both soft tissue as well as hard tissue. Soft Tissue Lasers Soft tissue lasers are used to treat the soft tissues in your mouth or remove soft tissue. Using soft tissue lasers, we can remove inflamed or infected tissue, reshape an uneven gumline, remove abnormal tissue for a soft tissue biopsy, close periodontal pockets, seal blood vessels, regenerate damaged nerves, and stimulate the growth of new tissue. Soft tissue lasers can also help to kill bacteria hidden below the gumline, which can help to treat gum disease. Hard Tissue Lasers Hard tissue lasers are used to treat issues with your teeth and your bones. These lasers can help to remove decay from a cavity to prepare the tooth for a filling. They can help to kill bacteria inside of a tooth when a root canal is being performed. They can help to whiten discolored teeth. They can also help treat bone and stimulate new growth. What Are The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry? Thanks to laser dentistry, we can perform many procedures that once required a scalpel. This has greatly helped to reduce tissue trauma during many procedures, which has led to reduced pain, swelling, and overall downtime. With lasers, the need for sutures is greatly reduced and even eliminated in some cases. Because lasers are much less invasive, patients need less local anesthesia. Patients with anxiety are less anxious when it comes to undergoing dental treatments because lasers are less invasive and cause less pain. Bleeding is reduced because the laser seals blood vessels. Lasers also disinfect tissue as they treat it, which helps to reduce the risk of developing an infection. Thanks to the introduction of lasers, we can perform many treatments in ways we have never been able to before. For more information about laser dentistry, call Summit Dental Care at (208) 733-9999 today.

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