Each Puff Of A Cigarette Harms Your Teeth And Gums

Lets Be Honest Let’s be honest for a moment, even if you are a regular smoker chances are that you already know it’s not a very attractive habit, and in most likelihood, you are trying to or have tried multiple times to quit. And the fact that you are aware of this means that you don’t need to be lectured on the numerous health risks and dangers associated with it, nor do you need some type of sanctimonious scolding. But what we would like to offer you is a little bit of information about how smoking affects your dental health, and it might surprise you to realize the severity of it. Reduction In Saliva Flow The first thing to understand is from the very first drag that you take off of your first cigarette of the day you immediately begin to negatively impact the saliva glands in your mouth and the rate at which they produce moisture. This leads to a whole host of problems, including bad breath and dry mouth, among dozens of other issues that continue to increase in severity each time that you light up another one. Significantly Increased Risk Of Gum Disease Did you know that smoking increases the risk of developing gum disease by three to six times!? That is an astounding and disturbing statistic. As the mouth becomes chronically dry, it also becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria which aren’t being washed away by the under-produced saliva, and this leads to gum irritation and infection. The next step is the early stage of gum disease. So if you find yourself in need of help when it comes to the adverse oral effects that come from smoking, we would like to invite you to get in touch with our office at your next chance. We can offer the assistance that you are looking for.

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